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Treatments of Catarrh/Upper Respiratory Infections(URI)

At Ghana Muslim Clinic, we take care of an upper respiratory infection that affects the upper part of your respiratory system, including your sinuses and throat. It occurs when a virus or bacteria enter the body, usually through the mouth or nose.

Diagnose Upper Respiratory Infection

We get some basic symptoms of Cough, Fever, Sneezing, Nasal Congestion, Scratchy Throat, Red eyes, Fatigue as a diagnosis of URI.

Prescribe Upper Respiratory Infection

Most URIs are self-limited viral infections that resolve without prescription drugs. Recognizing viral and bacterial diseases for which specific therapy is available is important.

Treatment of Upper Respiratory Infection

Treatment of the symptoms of upper respiratory infection is usually continued until the infection has resolved. Most cases of URIs are caused by viruses and require specific treatment, and we are taking care of it.

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