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Treatments of Malaria Infection

At Ghana Muslim Clinic, we take care of Malaria Infected Paitents. Malaria is caused by parasites that enter your body through the bite of an infected Mosquito. It’s important to start treating malaria as soon as possible.

Diagnose Malaria

The blood test will tell our advisor if you have malaria and will also identify the type of parasite that’s causing your Symptoms.

Prescribe Malaria

We will prescribe medications to kill and resist the malaria parasite. The type of parasite will determine what type of medication you take and how long you take it.

Treatment and Care of Malaria

We advise medications, hospitalization, and intensive care. Ghana Muslim Clinic's team helps poor people to defend their health from disease so that they can live a healthy life.

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We are committed to ensuring Equality in Healthcare Services.

Make your Life Better

A healthy lifestyle and medication can help you feel better in your life.

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