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Organized by Ar-Rahman Foundation collaboration with Ghana Muslim Mission

Free COVID-19 Testing in Ghana

Ghana Muslim Clinic does Covid-19 testing in the rural areas of Ghana. Covid-19 testing is very important in Ghana. The covid-19 test is becoming costly in Ghana. To help poor and helpless people, Ghana Muslim Clinic has taken this initiative to help people.

Taking Sample

Come and give your sample to us without any cost so that we can test those samples.

Testing the Sample

Your sample will be tested accurately and we will give feedback to you within a few times.

Treatment and Care of Covid-19

We advise medications, hospitalization, and intensive care. Ghana Muslim Clinic's team helps poor people to defend their health from disease so that they can live a healthy life.

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Ghana Muslim Clinic's team of Medical Experts is here for you, to give the right medical solution for each people of Ghana without any cost. To book your appointments and get any kind of medical help from Ghana Muslim Clinic, submit the form.

Active Health Care

We are committed to ensuring Equality in Healthcare Services.

Make your Life Better

A healthy lifestyle and medication can help you feel better in your life.

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People are facing desperate, life-threatening situations in Ghana. Contact us to give your advice to meet their needs.